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A lot of sound healing music is based on the “magical” frequency of 432Hz.  Millions of words have been written attributing mystical, mathematical, geographical, astronomical(?) significance to this number, this frequency.  I offer my own subjective experience. 

Using the vowel/vocal technique that I’ve written about here, I was endeavoring to produce a feeling of resonance in the area of my pineal gland. 

When I was satisfied that I had the optimum sound, I consulted an fft (Fast Fourier Transform) app on my phone, which
identified the frequency of the tone that I was singing as 216Hz.  (!?)

432, which is beyond my vocal range, is the 2nd partial of 216, one octave above, as shown here. 

That I arrived at this frequency in the way that I did counters, at least for me, the notion that it was a case of “motivated perception.”

I created a Cubase (the digital audio software that I use) project to make a sound track for the sound table and wands (my inventions) to stimulate my pineal gland, based on this frequency.

I tuned a fork to 216Hz, recorded it, and routed this sound into the wands.  After some experimentation I placed one wand in the table’s head cradle, so that it was behind my occipital region as I lie on the table.  I laid the other wand atop my forehead.  The two wands placed thusly focus the feeling of the sound in the area of the pineal gland.

With the tone generator I created tones at 432Hz, and at 216, 108, and 54Hz, which are lower octaves of 432, and recorded each one in its own track.  I routed them to the TSTs (Tactile Sound Transducers) in the table, with the higher tones panned
towards the head end, the lower ones more toward the feet.  I also recorded a bowed bass tone at 27Hz, which I routed to the sacrum, gradually panning down into the feet. 

I arranged the sounds in the project window of Cubase with the highest sound occurring first, the others following in turn, so that the sensation cascades from the head down through the body, with the last, lowest sound in the feet being the last one felt at the end.  I also created a mono headphone mix of these sounds.

To complete the piece I played the resulting sounds in a loop and played the loop a number of times to determine the optimum duration of silence I’d like to have occur between repetitions.  The loop, including the interval of silence, is 36 seconds long. 

I’ve been using this track for a few months now, and I find that after even just a few minutes I consistently get feelings of ease, focus, peacefulness.  Clients report the same result. 

In conclusion, I think/feel that 432 is the frequency that most profoundly resonates in my pineal gland, and I’m happy with the sound track I’ve created. 

I must admit that though I had considered a lot of the claims made about 432 to be phantasmagorical, as result of this experience I’ve become a believer.

You can listen to the track through headphones:

But it doesn’t really make sense through headphones--this sound is meant to be felt.



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“If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think vibration and resonance.”

                      --Nicola Tesla



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