“The ear is the original sense organ, the builder of the human nervous system... 

...the human body is made up entirely of differentiated ear tissue...”

                                --Alfred Tomatis

Feel the Sound

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Sound Healing

The physical benefits of sound vibration on the body are well known, and are becoming increasingly well-documented in a growing body of scientific and anecdotal literature. 

The human voice is the best source of healing vibration, because of its nearly infinite variety of tone, pitch, and timbre.

  Resonant Body is the best delivery system.

Consumers have access to a free library of sounds for many purposes, from relaxation, to meditation, to specific issues like areas of pain, tension, to tantric practice. 

Professionals learn the techniques of sound yoga and how to use Resonant Body instruments to create instant feedback with clients, and record sounds specific to each.


The first yoga was the yoga of sound, with practices discovered/invented by ancients, that led to the seed sound OM. 

Resonant Body tech brings this very basic tenet of yoga alive.  RB technique expands Om to a dully developed discipline.


Music students experience breakthroughs in musical perception through Resonant Body. Results include improved tonal recognition, richer tone production in vocal and all instruments, improved sense of rhythm and meter, and more...


There is substantial evidence that vibration speeds up the generation of muscle and bone tissue during exercise, which has created a whole industry around vibrating exercise platforms.  Most use electric motors to create motion.  Resonant Body uses sound vibration, which is far superior in its effects with exercise.

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Andy Zadrozny

was recognized at an early age as an unusual kind of musical prodigy by his first music teachers.  In early music lessons, he received tutelage in music theory and piano technique with indifference, but came alive when the subject turned to ear training. 

    From the start his fascination was with how sound felt, rather than how music sounded.  At recital performances the real show came after he played his compositions, when his teacher would present him in demonstrations of his phenomenal musical ear. 

Later on, in his professional musical career, he adopted the bass violin as his instrument, because of the deep relationship he felt with its tone.  As a music teacher, he developed a methodology for teaching ear training.

One day he was giving a music lesson, and an important breakthrough came. 

His student was seated upon a special studio monitor he’d built for demonstrating how different sounds are felt in different parts of the body, and suddenly she stopped him.

He hadn’t realized that she was in intense pain from chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  A sound he’d made with his bass, played through the monitor had an effect on her pain. 

He recorded the sound, looped it, and played it continuously through the monitor, and she fell asleep for the rest of the hour.  She said that it was the first relief she’d had, in spite of the strong pain medications she’d been given.

Zadrozny spent the next ten years researching and developing the Resonant Body Platform and handheld massagers.

Now this technology is available on the open market.