“The ear is the original sense organ, the builder of the human nervous system...

...the human body is made up entirely of differentiated ear tissue...”

-- Alfred tomatis

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Sound Healing

Natural sound resonance in the body has been used for millennia in many traditional cultures to induce relaxation, promote calmness, ease pain, aid physical and emotional healing, and even treat diseases and heal injuries. 

In recent decades, scientific research has taken a new interest worldwide in sound vibration as an alternative to drugs and other medical therapies.

The original method for applying sound vibration in healing is Sound Yoga.

Sound Yoga

Sound Yoga is an ancient art of using the voice to focus and direct sound resonance in the body. 

Basically, it works like this:

Sing a high-pitched note, and you feel resonance in your head.  Singers call this the “head voice.”  Sing a lower-pitched note, and you feel it in your chest.

Thousands of years ago, early yogis learned to use their voices, focused by their vowels to make any part of their own bodies vibrate.

This led to the discovery of OM, the central resonance in every human body, a mantra which millions of people of many different faiths chant today.  It is at once the simplest human utterance, and the most profound mantra.  And it is the introductory lesson in the esoteric art of sound yoga.

Resonant Body

While sound yogis have long enjoyed the many benefits of this practice, the enduring question has been of how to invoke its effects in another person’s body.

In Resonant Body® technology, ancient wisdom meets high tech.  Our Platforms, Wands, and Wearables make the wonderful effects of sound vibrational yoga available to everyone.

Andy Zadrozny

Hello!  I’m the inventor of Resonant Body technology. 

I was born with a talent, which my first music teacher, my mother, discovered when I was five.  She found that she could pay any combinations of tones on the piano, and I could instantly recognize and identify them.  At the time I just felt special and took my talent for granted.

Life went on, and I chose a career in music.  As an adult I discovered sound yoga and realized that I’d been practicing my entire life, and had become a master!

Twenty years ago I began experimenting with ways of sharing what I knew with my music students, until quite by accident, I invented a sound healing platform.

I’ve worked with physicists, doctors, yogis, physical therapists, and engineers in perfecting my designs. 

My inventions have helped many people with pain, chronic tension, immobility, neuropathy, energetic blockages, the effects of trauma, and more.