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“The ear is the original sense organ, the builder of the human nervous system... 

...the human body is made up entirely of differentiated ear tissue...”

                                --Alfred Tomatis

The Technique

    What we do is based on the esoteric discipline of Sound Vibrational Yoga. 

    The focus is on feeling sound vibration in your body, rather than hearing sound in your ears, as most people are used to doing.  The first step is AUM.  

Universal AUM

    While there’s no wrong way to chant AUM, when it’s done properly, its effect is amplified and leads to higher wisdom.

    The frequency of a C# tone, tuned a little flat--C# in 432 tuning, rhymes with schwa, the mid-central vowel. 

    This tone and vowel fine-tuned together form the most resonant human vocal sound, the basis of the universal AUM.

    This vowel/tone resonates at the Atlas joint, where the skull and spine unite. 

    From this we derive the chakra vowel/tones, and sounds that resonate with any part of you, from head to toe (and beyond...).

    Anyone can learn this simple technique in a few minutes.  It’s not the kind of thing you learn from reading about it, though.  It’s best to get it in person from a teacher.

    Sound Vibrational Yoga can help you to reach greater heights of achievement in many kinds of activities--sports, yoga, music, meditation, etc...


Feel the Sound

The Instruments

    Our instruments make it possible for anyone to enjoy the fruits of this work.

    Connect with practitioners, or choose pre-recorded sounds from our library.

    As soon as you recline on the platform or hold the massagers in your hands, you’ll recognize and welcome the familiar feelings of resonance.

-Resonant Body Platform

    Blissful immersion in sound vibration.

-Handheld Massagers

    Localized application of vibration.

    These instruments enable practitioners to work directly with clients, creating and recording custom sounds. 

The Sounds

   Although you can enjoy any music played through our instruments, we think that that you’ll find that our sounds feel better in your body than most other music.

    We only use real sounds--no synthesizers.  All of our sounds are created with feedback from real live participants. 

    We’ve got sound tracks for:



-chakra balance,





-body building.

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Want to learn the technique?  Andy Zadrozny is available for speaking/teaching engagments, product demonstrations, and consultations.  Click here for info.

    We’re here to make you feel good.  Our sound vibrational tools and recordings are designed to resonate with your body’s natural frequencies, bringing you relief from aches, pains, and tension, leaving you relaxed and energized.   It’s all based on Sound Vibrational Yoga, which you don’t need to learn, but it’ll help if you understand...