“It’s like a massage, only deeper.”

                                --Kelly Clancy, founder, Northwest School of Structural Integrity

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sound vibration

Tailored to your body’s resonant frequencies. 

In general, we are all alike.

Universal ૐ is a specific vocal frequency/vowel sound that produces resonance in the area where the skull and spine unite.  Chakra sounds are harmonic derivatives of ૐ.

And each of us is unique.

The human body is complex, subject to physical, psychological, and energetic influences.  One or more sound frequencies that relaxes, stimulates, or relieves pain in a specific area of your body may be unique to you, and perhaps only in that moment.

Resonant Body

My sound healing method was born out of teaching “perfect pitch recognition” to music students, based on the sense of resonance.  My inventions began as tools for facilitating that teaching.

In working with clients, I compose music based on your perceptions and intentions.  This music can be as simple as a single sound, or more elaborate, with multiple interacting sounds.

sound tables

The feeling of sound.

The best way of applying sound vibration for healing is through direct contact.  Sounds traveling through air lose almost all of their energy and efficacy long before you hear or feel them.  My sound tables and wands were developed to amplify and extend my vocal and instrumental sounds, and to apply them directly, in the least invasive way.

For more information, please feel free to contact me.

sound wands