“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

                                --Nicola Tesla

increase your peace

Sound Vibrational Bliss

Feel calming, relaxing, stimulating healing sound vibration in your body.  The effects are immediate and lasting.  In addition to being able to play sounds from any device, our sound platforms and handsets are actually musical instruments that can be played live, responding to you in real time. 

Sound Healing

What makes a sound a healing sound?  Whether a particular sound vibration is truly beneficial or not is obvious as soon as you feel it in your body.  Our sounds are all natural, never synthesized, produced and mastered in our studios, always with direct feedback from people.  We are diligent in our efforts to ensure that our sound tracks are of the highest quality.  Of course, you can use our instruments to any music or sounds that you find to be healing, like tuning fork sounds, gongs, mantra, etc. 

Pain Relief

Many people have experienced pain relief using our sounds played through our instruments.  While we make no health claims, people report lasting relief from even chronic pain with no harmful side effects.

You can choose sound tracks from our library, or work with one of our certified practitioners in person or via internet.

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Resonant Body Platform

Feel the tensions of the day wash away in an ocean of sound.  The Resonant Body Platform’s unique design provides an immersion experience unlike any other.

Resonant Body Handsets

Topical application of sound vibration, specifically tuned to affect shoulders, backs, and other areas of pain, tension, and more.

Sound Tracks

We produce special sounds designed and mastered for use with Resonant Body instruments.  We also re-master and optimize existing music tracks for playback

by our Platforms and handsets.


We train practitioners in the techniques of sound vibrational yoga vocalization.  Besides being a stand-alone practice, this modality adds efficacy to the work of massage therapists, physical therapists, psychotherapists, and others. 

When you own or have access to a Platform or Handsets and high-speed internet access, it’s possible to work with practitioners online wherever you are.

Feel the Sound