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“A session on the Resonant Body Platform is like a massage, only deeper!”

                                 --Kelly Clancy, OTR/L, CHT, RBI, SMS, MMLT, Owner, Seattle Center for Structural Medicine

The Instruments

Platforms give an immersion experience.

Medallions are for massage of specific areas. 

Each available separately; in combination is best.

The Medallions

    A stereo pair of oval-shaped gel-formed sound vibrational massagers powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries that come in an impact-resistant carrying case.

    Simply switch on power, connect to your audio device via bluetooth or audio cable, place the medallions on affected area and choose the appropriate sound.

    Select from a growing library of sounds from categories like Relaxation,” “Massage,” “Chakras,” and “Meditation.”

Instructions included.

The Platform(s)

    Platforms are of three types:

-Large spa size,

-Lightweight folding size, and

-Yoga mat size. 

    All have built-in audiophile electronics.

Portable Size

    It’s lightweight: only 45 lbs., made to be wieldable by a small adult.  It has a molded high impact plastic body, aerospace grade carbon fiber uni plate top with thich yoga mat cover, aluminum fittings.

    It features rugged road case hardware, with a telescoping handle and built-in luggage wheels for easy transport.

    Unfolded it has a large surface area of 78”x26” with 4” height.  It folds easily to 39”x26”x8” to fit under a bed, in a closet closet, or a car trunk.

Electronics are completely enclosed and finely tuned at the factory, so you just plug in power, connect with your audio device via bluetooth or included cable, and you’re ready to go!

Spa Size

    With all of the features of the Portable Platform, this luxury model is hand made of solid oak, and is available with upgraded audio components. 

    It has the surface area of a standard massage treatment table: 72”x30”x20” (chair height) and weighs around 150 lbs.


Yoga Mat Size

    This very sturdy wooden-constructed exercise platform has the surface area of a standard yoga mat: 72”x24” with 4” height.

    The fact that the use of vibration can enhance physical exercise is well-documented.  It speeds increases in bone and muscle mass, aids in deepening stretches, and can be used to improve form.

    Most vibrating exercise platforms use motor-driven mechanical vibration, although it’s demonstrable that sound vibration feels and works better.

    With our special vibrational tracks, it’s a highly useful tool for supercharging your workout or yoga session, and deepening meditation afterwards.

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