“It’s like a massage, only deeper.”

                                --Kelly Clancy, founder, Northwest School of Structural Integrity

increase your peace


It can be a very short composition, with a simple purpose.  For instance, if you have an area of pain, we can make a short piece for that purpose, based on one or a few sound frequencies and their harmonic relatives.  We can make a piece that does several things at once, according to your specifications. 

It doesn’t have to be about pain.  You can choose sounds that just feel good, in whatever part of you, to include in your piece.

When we’re satisfied with the piece, I export it as an mp3 file, which you can play on your smart phone or any audio player.

If you’re staying over, you can play it through the vibratory sound system installed in your room. 

You can play the sound through your headphones. 

To feel the sound as we conceived it in the studio, you can choose to own a set of my sound wands, a sound table, or both.

Studio sessions

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In sessions, I create sounds, using voice, tone generators, and musical instruments.  Based on your feedback, we choose frequencies that resonate with general and specific areas of your body.  Then we collaborate in composing a piece of music out of sounds based on those frequencies.