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“The ear is the original sense organ, the builder of the human nervous system... 

...the human body is made up entirely of differentiated ear tissue...”

                                --Nicola Tesla

Sound Library

Free Library

    Our free library of music and sounds is available for download to your computer or mobile device. 

   Sounds are in convenient mp3 format, playable on most audio devices--smart phones, tablets, mp3 players, computers, etc. 

    Customers are directed to a special download page on this site, or to a dropbox folder.

Our Sounds

    All of our sound tracks are composed of real sounds, no synthesizers or drum machines.  All sounds are tested for efficacy with actual people before we put them out.

    Besides sounds we create for specific purposes, the library has re-mastered versions of commercially available music in 432 tuning, re-mixed for use with our instruments.  We take requests...

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