“It’s like a massage, only deeper.”

                                --Kelly Clancy, founder, Northwest School of Structural Integrity

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Resonant Body sound tables and wands are uniquely capable of evoking the effects of a practitioner’s voice, using the  musical technique I’ve described, in another person’s body. 

The table and wands have bluetooth as well as standard stereo inputs and can play any music from your devices, just like any conventional sound system.

Basic setup with either table or wands is easy:

Connect your smart phone via bluetooth, switch on power, select an audio track, and press play.

A tone generator app on your device affords the ability to easily choose sound frequencies of your liking.  My favorite is Thomas Gruber’s “Audio Function Generator Pro,” available at the App Store for $3.


The sound table was originally conceived as an educational tool, designed for demonstrating that musicians can recognize musical tones by where they are felt in the body. 

A student lying on the table feels the teacher’s voice almost as if it were their own.  i.e., when a teacher sings high tones, in their “head voice,” their student also feels the tones in their head.  So it goes with lower tones in the “chest voice” and so on.

Over time, my table progressed through many generations with design improvements, and my music lessons naturally morphed into sound healing sessions.

I worked with physicists and engineers through technological assistance grant programs at a national lab in New Mexico, analyzing the function, experimenting with designs and materials, eventually producing a manufacturable model. The table is successful in providing a full-body experience. In sessions with clients it became apparent that another device was needed for topical application. 

I developed the wands through the same basic process with scientists at the other national lab in New Mexico.

My recording studio also changed, from producing music for listening entertainment to producing sounds for the wands and table that “feel good.”  My studio is now very simple.

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